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Victory Lap

Nice win to put Chicago out of its misery.

Series MVP: Brad Stevens. The fact that Brad was able to make adjustments and put guys in a position to succeed is why we won this series plain and simple. The Rondo injury helped, but the adjustments Brad made from games 2 to 3 made a much bigger impact and turned the series around. The spacing still would of been there with or without Rondo in the game.

Most Surprising Player: Gerald Green. The fact that Gerald was able to play starters minutes for four games this series is nothing short of amazing. He still has all the athletic tools. Brad Stevens may have unleashed a dangerous weapon that we had no idea about heading into the playoffs.

Biggest Disappointment: Jaylen Brown /Amir Johnson. It was weird to see these guys relegated to the bench. It turned out to be the right move, but especially in Jaylen's case, I would've liked to see him get some more playoff experience. That is in an ideal world though. I get Brad needing to go to someone who was ready to impact the game more than Jaylen, especially from a spacing and scoring standpoint. Amir just flat out couldn't play defense, get a rebound, or convert inside. Have we seen the last of him in Green? Still doubt it.

Series LVP: Dwane Wade. He should be embarrassed to take 24 million from the Bulls after the way he played in this series (and all year). At least wear a ski mask when you pick up those checks.

Takeaway: Losing from up 2-0 is tough. Losing when up 2-0 and going back to your homecourt is devastating. This could be type of loss that serves as the catalyst for the Bulls to move on from Jimmy Butler. Him and management already have had a ton of issues. He is 27, and the Bulls don't have the talent, or the picks to field a contender in the next 3 years. He will be a free agent before the Bulls are legitimate contenders, and will be a serious threat to leave. This could impact the what the Celtics do this offseason (along with the Paul George situation). I doubt the Celtics would trade the #1 pick for one of them, because Fultz simply has too much potential, but if they fall below 1? Anything could happen.


Who would you prefer? Butler or George?

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