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Post Info TOPIC: Should Celtics pursue Blake Griffin this offseason?


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Should Celtics pursue Blake Griffin this offseason?

Acquiring a star power forward would be the path of least resistance in keeping this team together and adding another piece to inch closer to becoming a full fledged contender. Blake Griffin is a star power forward. Would he be a good fit for this team and what the Celtics want to do though? He is an excellent ball handler and passer. He is a good rebounder that used to be an elite rebounder. His shooting is much improved. His athleticism is diminishing. He can switch on defense. He doesn't protect the rim. It is definitely fair to call him injury prone.


What does it all mean? Griffin while though being a star power forward, probably isn't ideal fit for the Celtics. I'm not sure he is going to be worth the money that he is going to get paid. I believe that Paul Millsap is probably a better player than him at this point, and I wonder how even close it is. That being said, Griffin still could be very good here. His passing and ballhandling skills would allow Brad to be very creative offensively. While he isn't a plus shooter, he would spread the floor in a different way, by being able to draw defenses to the rim for fear of him dunking or by simply driving by his man. He definitely would be an improvement over our current bigs, he is far better than anyone in this draft, and the only other big that is of the same quality of him is Paul Millsap. Does adding him make the Celtics a contender? They still wouldn't be close to the top level talent of the Cavs or the Warriors, but they would be inching closer and closer to them.


The biggest thing to worry about would be about tying up max money in a player that can't carry you to a championship. This is undoubtedly a concern for any max guy the Celtics would sign this offseason. (Griffin, Millsap, Hayward) It is a overblown concerned. The only thing Danny and owners need to decide is how much of a bill are they content with footing for trying to build a championship team. Signing one of these guys will keep the Celtics at the top of the conference next year fighting for breaks to get to and win a championship. They would still need to get extremely lucky, even if Blake and say Markelle Fultz, were excellent next year to compete with the Warriors and Cavs. However, this is probably going to be the last year they have cap space. They could push it back to 2018, but the only prize of the 2018 class is Demarcus Cousins. Then it will be time to pay Avery, Isaiah, and Smart (or decide what to do with them). This is probably the last chance they have for a while to add an all star through free agency, barring major changes to this team. Might as well spend it now, whether it is the perfect fit or not. 


I think we can put Millsap and Griffin on the same level going forward. Even with Blake being four years younger, it feels his play will diminish from his 28-32 seasons as much as Millsap's will from his 32-36 seasons. I attribute that to their different skill sets and and the fact that Blake relies so much on his athleticism. It also feels like Blake has lost himself as a basketball player the last couple of years, so maybe a change of scenery would do him good and give him a much higher ceiling over the course of a contract. 


Here comes the benefit of those Nets picks again though. If everything plays out right, we will have our best players be on cheap rookie deals, making it fine to have a guy like Millsap or Griffin to deteriorate into an overpaid role player. This is a little bit how the Warriors built there first championship team. Iguadala, Lee, and Bogut were the most expensive guys while their best players were still on their rookie deals. (They also got lucky on getting Curry on a discount because of his early career injuries). Thomas, Horford, and a Griffin or Millsap could occupy that same space for guys the Celtics take with the Nets picks. The trick is drafting the right guys. (Just like it always was)


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